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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok - here it is with the quilting completed...

Lots of things wrong with it - really!
You can see all the places where the tension was not right .  In the centre, thee is the white thread from the bobbin showing.
Underneath my name - there is brown showing...I tried brown silk in the bobbin...changed the bobbin settings - and it didnt work..
In a couple of places I have forgotten to do the design...and the sewing is so small I couldnt face the unpicking :(
Anyway its a learning curve...so I am not complaining.. but I am not really happy with it.

I am trying to work out how to make a movie of some of the video that Andrea took last night, but have no idea what program to use for it...so I am working on that.

Now I have to buy a black zip to go in the back section of the cushion

I am Skyping with Joanne.. (Joanne-Threadhead) which is lovely 

I am off now to start on somethng else

On of these

As you can see I have been playing with the doiley that is tacked to the centre.

And this came yesterday ...a kit I bought from Terry Nixon in Lancashire USA


Diane said...

oh my gosh-you see mistakes-I see a beautiful quilt! wow!

Joanne said...

It all looks lovely!

Cathy Hetzel said...

I'm sure the peanut butter pretzels will help you get over those tiny, tiny stitches showing from the back.........your quilt looks fantastic.......enjoy the great job you have done.......

Unknown said...

Personally, I'd be as chuffed as anything to have just completed this piece - well done - as you say it's a learning curve and you've taken off at a very steep angle - again, well done

Színek és álmok said...

Very beautiful work, you just do not see the beauty you are surrounded by very talented Mary

Janet said...

It still looks really beautiful and it'll be a good sampler for patterns. Have fun with the next project.

Ivory Spring said...

Joan, no, I didn't see the mistakes!! Only you knew... trust me. :)

Thanks for the Quilt Show pictures - enjoyed them too.