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Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Frame!,

On the frame again today...
I tried something different and have been way more comfortable.

I attached my foot pedal,,, and undid the BSR,  Yes its a bit different, but it worked.  
I am not a fan of the BSR!

 Blue thread at the top is with the BSR... the rest I have done with the foot pedal and NOT the BSR.

The squares are 1".. I used the Frixion pen for the grids... and ironed it off carefully after I had completed what I wanted to sew. (while still on the frame)
I dont think I will use the Frixion pen to sew my main quilting, but for practice ..they are great, ( and I really love them)  but I am unsure of how they will behave after time.
Still a long way to go...but it feels easier.

A little awkward under the frame as I have my machines foot peddle on a large plastic container...

At present I am sitting on a kitchen stool.
Not the best,  but at least I can see what is being sewn and its more as I am used to.

I may take the height adjustments off the frame so I can stand comfortably without getting a crick in my neck.
Also may take off the lower bar, that the top goes on and just float the top and batting...
That way I can sit to sew... 


Leeanne said...

Top points for perseverance! looking good. I am not a BSR fan either.

Nana said...

Thank your for your comment on my blog and I love yours alot. So many nice things to look at and lovely FMQ!
The threads I sell and use for quilting is a embroidery thread and quilted it looks even better.