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Sunday, April 20, 2014



More pinned for tomorrow

Thinking I may need to cut out more fabric pieces.  I had planned this quilt to be 7 circles in length and 6 circles wide. but I have the rows laid down for 9 by maybe 7.  I will check as I go along.
I am finding it easier to do now that I have at last got it in my head how  I am actually   getting this all put together.

1.0am and I am off to bed...


Grit said...

Looks so wonderful so far.

Julia said...

Looking great Joan, gets easier as you go.
I'm doing mine 7 x 8 rows, that gives it plenty to go over the pillows.
Julia ♥

Leeanne said...

Looking pretty, you are a real night owl!

Julia said...

Oopps miscounted, I too need to make mine 7 x 9.
Wish I could stay up as late as you Joan.

Liz said...

You'll probably find you need to make it an odd number in both directions if you want that balanced symmetrical look.