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Friday, April 18, 2014

On the Frame, DWR,

Took me all day yesterday to get this much done on the frame....
getting used to stopping where the throat plate of the machine ends is taking some planning.
I am working to get at least one row of blocks done and the side borders

Plus, while sewing, the machine came unplugged at the back  - and I lost all my settings...so thats where I need to start today...sort out the settings and the tension.
Fortunatley I have discovered how to sit in front of the machine at the end of the frame to do this..plus I 'anchor' the machine with one of my side tensions so that I can actually test sew on some fabric...with my hands ...as I am used to...as its difficult to see under the frame with a small hand mirror and I don't have enough fabric on the quilt to test on
I am using Aurafil 50 in the top and Invisafil in the bobbin.
Needle I am currently using is an embroidery needle 75

I also have this heap for sewing the melons together for my DWR.
May need to get some of this done before I get lost at the frame again.
I do have some of the pieces worked out on the design board...and sew and watch through the window to see the birds fly in to get a drink from the bird bath.


Leeanne said...

looks very pretty Joan despite the hiccups! Happy Easter quilting.

happydaysquilting said...

Your frame quilting is coming along really quickly and looks fabulous, the design you chose for around the flowers is lovely, sorry to hear about all the hiccups.

Susan Lawson said...

Doing great on quilting! this looks lovely. Wishing you easy tensioning as you re-set up your settings! sue

Ivory Spring said...


OH WOW, you have graduated for sure with that frame! How do you like the frame?

Beautiful work! And I do love your blue melon. Can't wait to see how it will shape up.

Jackie said...

OMG you have improved in unbelievable time, it looks gorgeous and I love the quilting you've chosen. Hope you had a good Easter.