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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Exchanges and gifts

These were a gift given yesterday to a special friend for her Birthday - I can reveal it completed now.

She recently moved to her new house and this beautiful colour is throughout her house.  The fabric - with perfect lines to quit on, just yelled out that this was for her :)
As I usually put my trademark Ladybug on the quilts..and had forgotten to quilt it on these ones...I painted on the ladybug instead with fabric paints.

 It was fun to quilt this one.

Showing the back and its Ladybug.
I wrote the 'greeting ' on the lines of the quilt and didn't need to put a label on it :)

I still have quite a bit of this fabric too :)

This was all sewn on my DSM.


Leeanne said...

Stunning!! What a special gift for your friend. I like your ladybird signature too.

Grit said...

Looks wonderful.

2ne said...

Great gift you have made - love your quilting :-)

Martha said...

Beautiful quilting Joan!!! And that color of blue is gorgeous!!!!

Julia said...

It's so beautiful Joan. How did you stay and track with the way the feathers flowed. I love it!
Julia ♥

Ivory Spring said...

I love that blue, Joan... and your quilting is out of this world.

I have meant to send you pictures of you know whom --- but have been tied up with company. I will send a couple to you right now. :o)