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Monday, April 04, 2011

Older quilts

As I am busy sewing the Borders of my Threadhead Quilt Along with Joanne. and doing some of my online lessons with Photoshop, I thought I would show a quilt I did some years ago.

 Its called Our Home in the Bush.
As we lived in the bush on 25 acres in the Darling Ranges above Perth at the time and its all 1" and 2" squares...I thought it seemed appropriate  to represent the bush on our block.....In the centre of the quilt - is our house :)

There was no land cleared when we got there...so the name seemed appropriate!

Then of course we put up fences, cleared the paddocks, planted some oats, and introduced our sheep cows and horse...so it did look very different by the time we left for our Sea Change a few years later.

At that time I was not able to quilt much - so this one is all quilted in the ditch.
The quilt is all sewn on my DSM,  King sized and my Husband loved it ( still does )...
so of course - it is his.

Have a great week !


Linda said...

It's so beautiful, Joan! I love the little story behind it too! Sounds like the name is very fitting for the quilt! Love it!

Joanne said...

How beautiful!!
Good luck with your sewing.♥

Char said...

Great quilt and a wonderful story behind it. I see why your husband likes it.

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

It is a beautiful quilt, and a very sweet story - thank you for sharing!

Leeanne said...

Beautiful Joan, love the wee house in the middle. You know if you ever felt the need to go and do more quilting on this you could...

Desley said...

Love the fabrics, and the house is very cute.

Julia said...

It's beautiful Joan..
love the house block, you can always do abit more quilting if you wanted to, but it looks lovely now...it's beautiful up in the hills..
Julia ♥

Crispy said...

Beautiful quilt Joan!! Goodness, I can understand why you didn't have time for quilting, clearing 25 acres would be a LOT of work, as well as taking care of all the critters.


Rebecca said...

What a great story, I can just picture it. Maybe you sould write a book too! The quilt is Beautiful, love the little house. Very interesting. I think he loves it because it is a part of you too.

Deanna said...

Lovely. The house detail is perfect!