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Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day and Free Motion Quilt Challenge

Anzac day is always special for us!

My husband Mals father fought and was wounded at Galippoli, and our younger son Stuart is a Major in the Army reserves.
He is in front of two flags which I believe commemorate two local soldiers who lost their lives fighting and lived near here. 

Some of the marching with Stuart in the front.

My DH, Stuart, Heather, their children and Andrea.

We had a lovely evening.

Now you know why I couldn't concentrate :)

DAY 4 FMQ Challenge

I have put my cushion to the side - as there was a bit too much chat and a lot of lovely company for me to concentrate, so for the next few day I will be doing some 6" samples.
I will get back to the cushion Thursday or Friday.
I can actually see the points a which I was being asked a question :)

At least I am nibbling in dry bickies now and drinking a bit too ..


Crispy said...

I just love the hats the Aussie soldiers wear....very dashing!!

I don't see a place for you to sit at the table. Are you at your machine?


Melissa ;-) said...

Quilting, though an addiction for us all, can wait. Families are for the here and now. And yours is lovely!

Linda said...

Love the photos! Your family pics are great. But where are you??? Fmq that fabulous sample??

Diana and LaDonna said...

Love family, quilt later! Ok, so I had to look up "Anzac" and "bickies"! But I understand perfectly the "drinking a bit too"!


liz said...

What a handsome group of kids! I'm glad you had a family ANZAC day.