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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Granny's Hankies BOM

Well - the first block of Granny's Hankies is done, but I may re-do it. 
Its black -  which is what I like...but I don't have much of the fabric - so I shall see how it works out.

I should have remembered that the FP was enough to stick all the pieces. 
I got halfway through placing the pieces and remembered that this was on FP - silly me!
I glued the edges with Elmers Glue...and now have no idea how all the paper will come out - so you can see how it has turned out to be a bit of an experiment!

I really had fun with this - now I need to try to remember how I am to sew with the Sulky Monofiliment thread.
I need to work on the settings of the machine again.

I am working on another black block that I have tried to work out...will see what happens to that tomorrow.
I would like to have them ready for the FMQ Challenge

Midnight seems to come round so quickly!!


Sheila said...

It is beautiful Joan , love your colors and a wonderful job too!

Mary L. said...

Very, very pretty.

Cheryl said...

So pretty!

2ne said...

Nice block

Diana and LaDonna said...

Well done, Joan!


Desley said...

I like the black background. So you plan to machine applique it down. I would be intersted to see closeups when you have finished it with the mono thread.

Janet said...

The block is lovely Joan. It's going to be great to see how it's quilted. You're doing so well on getting organised for the FM fun.
I've burnt the midnight oil a couple of times too, I'm not good in the mornings though as a result. Wish I could do with less sleep.

Julia said...

It is beautiful Joan , and a wonderful job too!
Midnight, I'm lucky if I'm still up at 9pm !

Deanna said...

Very striking!

corina said...

Love your colors!

Crispy said...

The block is beautiful!! A blogging friend just did a wonderful 3 part lesson on how she preps her applique using freezer paper on top. She hand stitches but with this method you can also machine them down. Teresa has TONS of photos too.



Michele said...

Love the black background.....great job :-)

Valentina said...

wow, Joan, looks amazing! I will go check Joanne's link, now. Thanks!

Ivory Spring said...

Joan, beautiful. Me thinks your design is based on the color palette of that beautiful sunset!