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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Older projects

A beautiful change in weather today - Its been raining!!!  AND blowing a gale...
so much cooler!
So - in between my lessons and having a small break -
I was looking for something - as you do - not sure now what it was now ...   LOL..
But I found this tucked away in a box with all my skeins of embroidery wool
Another UFO

Some wool embroidery for a pin cushion, using some of my felting of my very own' home grown' sheeps wool -  I even remember his name .
Raymondo and he was a Moorit Corriadale sheep and a lovely light faun colour. 
 The wool is felted onto some gauze.
I guess I should put it together and finish the other one too
Makes me want to felt some more - I still have bags of my sheeps wool in the container at the back of our block.
The lovey pottery sheep I brought back from Scotland...my favorite place in all the world..

Back to my lessons


Leeanne said...

Oh yes please those pin cushions, they look lovely.I remember my kids pet lambs names too.

Linda said...

Yes, you should totally finish those!!! I love that it is wool from your sheep!! Too cool!!! Oh and those little pottery sheep are darling! :-)

liz said...

You should finish that pink one. They are beautiful and how cool is that; wool from your own NAMED sheep!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Joan - felting is great if you want to work out some excess emotions ;0)
The added beauty of using raw fleece like this is the lanolin in the wool will keep the pins and needles from rusting
You really should finish them, it would be worth it

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

These are so sweet. I love that you remember the sheep's name and the contrast of the fine embroidered flowers and the natural felt.

Rebecca said...

Ohhh Joan... what another lovely story. You need to finsih the pin cushions. I'll be watching for a photo.

Diana and LaDonna said...

I agree with you on Scotland! We love it! Definitely finish the project...it will be a lovely pin cushion.


Crispy said...

Oh my those would make beautiful pin cushions, you definitely need to finish them :0)


Sheila said...

How wonderful that you have felted the wook yourself from your own sheep .The embroidery is beautiful and yes you should finish the pincushions they would be lovely .hugs Sheila

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my!!! I can't wait to see the pincushions.

Melody said...

Gorgeous work. These are wonderful

Karen said...

Lovely and a perfect cool weather project!