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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My design board as from tonight..Early morning now actually...
I have completed a row, and begun on the next. I have sewn 3 together at the top
and begun the next row.
I will not sew it completely together yet as I will need to place all the new blocks when they are done

I am now just sewing borders together...and the small and larger squares between the blocks.

On the left hand side of the design board you can see where I have begun to design some more blocks ( a total of 16 I think- and these look larger as they are not yet sewn togehter)
I have decided to go ahead wth the King size quilt!


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

Well Joan it just looks amazing and the king size is going to be -well-just majestic:).
I think about all those little sqaures and I just go faint. I get the vapors!

Elly D said...

Hi Joan, your POTC is looking wonderful!! So much effort in there,I do so admire your perseverance. Kudos!! You're doing sooooo well!! And in the heat you are suffering!! Like Martha I just about faint at the thought of doing all those joining squares and hexes...especially seeing how it's taking me so long to sew up the blocks, LOLOL... take care my friend, quilty hugs, Elly