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Friday, January 08, 2010

Here is the second Block of the further 16 I will need for the King Size Quilt.

I am still working along the first row with the cream border hexagons, but I am adding the blocks I am now making as I go.

I need to do this as they are going to be a bit different I think, so they need to be re-arranged as I go.
In the meantime I am also sewing on the borders of all the currently completed blocks - very slowly!
It was all going well till I realised some of the cream pattern hexagons had been printed on the wrong side of the fabric. I have had to unpick quite a few hexagons. I only noticed the problem when I used my Ott light...however I have at last sorted that out.

SO - after that bit of a set back ...I am continuing...with a bit of everything

This block is made using Florentine byPeggy Toole for Kaufman - both Medallion and striped and brown batik.
I have called this block The Aviary Gate , as I am currently listening to the audio book fo this name.
As I sew...its of Sultans, Hareems..and full of mystery... I am sure the story will come back to me as I look at the block.

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