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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home and family

We got through the storms with only trees down - it wasnt as bad last night as they predicted...but stiil nasty and some people lost their homes and are still out of power...at least we had power on - so that was good.
A lot of people were a lot worse off than ourselves.

Andrea has been off from school for 3 days due to storm damage there, and they also had no power, so when she is back at school I will be able to get on wuith my sewing again.

Its been a very unusual 3 days and hopefully it wont happen again for a long long time.
It was no fun with no power - no phones and no way to find out what was happening.

Till next time.


Raewyn said...

Glad the second out of stormy weather wasn't as bad for you - still looks like some cleaning up to do. Enjoy getting back to your sewing!

Diana and LaDonna said...

Thank goodness you and your family are ok! So sorry for the people who lost their homes, devastating. I've been through a couple of tornados, tropical storms, and edges of hurricanes, so scary!


Cathy Hetzel said...

Glad to hear you and your family are ok.....

Teresa said...

Glad to see you got through the storm ok. After the cleanup, I look forward to your new quilty inspiration.

corina said...

Relieved that you all made it through the storm okay!

Deanna said...

So glad you are safe and well. Wind does the most amazing things!