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Thursday, May 05, 2011

FMC Challenge Day 14 Thursday

Day 14...the last dayof the FMQ
Photos didn't work out last night, so here is what I actually completed yesterday.


There is still a lot to do and I am experimenting with different colours

I am using a brown Aurafil thread in the back now

Some of the samples of colour - silk thread -  I need to do some more of these later today.
Its really cold here and I am off to light the fire, so the house can get warm!

I apologise for not visiting all my favorite blogs - I have lots of issues going on here, and will visit when I can


Leeanne said...

Wow! You are having fun! Good for you, the feather looks almost like a neon thread.....life does get crazy.

Renée's Country Crochet said...

I love your designs, and I enjoy your blog very much. Thank You for sharing with us. You are Phenomenal at what you do!

Kim S said...

It's looking really good!!! Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

Joan that feather is beyond stunning, my jaw dropped open - well done - you must be so so pleased with it

Lynette said...

OK, I'm really loving the color play :)

Linda said...

Gorgeous!!! It's a great idea to experiment with all the different threads. I love silk too.

matate10 said...

Loving your backfill creativity!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Joan! I love your feather. When you did the curved crosshatch, did you mark or use a ruler?

antique quilter said...

beautiful! its fun to play and experiment isn't it.
your work is amazing

Crispy said...

Wow your quilting always amazes me. It's interesting to see what different threads will do for the design.

I hope you are truly well soon. I had to laugh as you being chilly, I got used to you saying how hot you are :o)