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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

FMC Challenge Day 13 Wednesday

Day 13!
Nearly there - one more day to go.

I think there are now 4 lots of echoing round the feather, The circles in the spine are done, the sun was shining as you can see .... and after much trial and error
I am using a deep purple silk thread...and have changed to a dark brown on the back.  Not too thrilled with it, but there you are.
I may do some more tonight as its way too bright in the Studio for now.

I am working out the filling as I go!


Ivory Spring said...

This is fabulous, Joan. You have been busy!

Thanks for your kind comment on my APQ runner. :) It's always great to hear from you. Now, I need to get caught up with your blog.

Leeanne said...

Just so followers know, they should click on Joan's photo to really see what a fabulous job she has done!

Desley said...

Background fills look great. Do you have a peek at Deb Levy's blog? This morning she posted what she was working on, and the background fills were inspiring. http://blog.deborahlevyart.net/?p=1544

matate10 said...

You may not be crazy about it but I sure am!!

Mary Ann

Sharon said...


Borderline Quilter said...

Wonderful Joan....I love black fabric and varigated thread!

Wendy said...

So lovely! But, yours always are!