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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Having a problem working out my pages  cant get them to link properly...check out the Family and Friends pages to see the visitors I had here on Saturday.

This is what I got to do in the (way too early) hours of this morning ..
Just the outline.
I also want to make a page for FMQ... but that will have to wait!!


Sue-Anne said...

It looks fantastic Joan!

Desley said...

You are making great progress on the pages Joan. I am still working on mine after nearly three months. It all take time.

Janet said...

Another gorgeous feather but different this time, I love it Joan. How lucky to have such wonderful visitors. I would love to see Gnomeville myself.

Crispy said...

Love the feather!! How funny, someone took lawn art to the extreme, though I wouldn't mind seeing all those little gnomes LOL.


Valentina said...

Take my breath away!!!

Linda said...

Just gorgeous!!! I love what you are doing!!

Unknown said...

Oh I so so love the this piece - the colours, the design

Karen said...

I'm loving this Joan!!! Hope your DH is feeling better soon.