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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Machine Quilting

Had a great full day today using the Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen... 6 hours!
It was a wonderful machine to use.  You can see it here .

As you can see I had a busy day

This sample had two lots of wadding - one cotton and one wool,  to see how it handled the double sandwich.
All the squares except the one on the right were done on my Bernina 440, half the one in the lower right square was done on the HQ 16.  There is quite a noticeable difference - for the better, for the section I did on the HQ 16
I went really easily  and I think gave lots of extra puff.

The circular one was sewn with Aurofil thread on top, and I did get a bit muddled only in what I was trying to do. The swirly one with the multi couloured thread was interesting, but I was not sure about the actual colours... It was quite forgiving to oversew on. 

This was the first piece I did, the feather on the far left was half done on a Pffaf machine, and I then went - and stayed with the Sweet Sixteen.  The feathers on the right side are sewn with silk thread ' I used cotton fabric top and botton and wool wadding in the centre..  It was harder to get the tension right for this, however by the timne I got to the filler feathers in the lower right...the tension was OK.

I had almost decided to get ...if I can ...the Bernina 820, but now I am not sure. 
I am too tired to try to work it out now.
Has anyone any thoughts on these two machines?
I am off to do nothing now...I have a day in Perth tomorrow...so not getting anywhere fast with my projects for now.


Crispy said...

Goodness you have been busy!! I love that you give reviews on your experiences with different machines and threads. I learn a lot from you, machine quilting is not for the faint of heart :0)


Unknown said...

Oh you lucky lucky lady getting to play around with such a range of machines
Sorry I've no experience of either but do know that a lot of quilters are really taken with the new Janome Horizon with it's large throat and the standard extras

Janet said...

I would have loved to have had six hours doing the same. I guess the machine to get is the one that you want to use it for the most. It seems to me that the table for the HQ is quite small, does it have a stitch regulator?

Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful stitching, Joan! I always love to see what you are up to. :)

Raylene Smith said...

I have a gammill for sale.....imagine the fun you can have with it....lol look out quilting world if you had a longarm....lol