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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

General Chat

Lovely surprise in the mail Yesterday.

Thank you Sandy.  You are very special!

Andrea and I will treaure these....and you know how much I love Ladybugs :)

I was a bit down yesterday - not able to get either of the new sewing machines...but thats OK - I still have two good ones to use..the ones I have been using...and thats a good thing.
Today I may even get back to sewing . 


Janet said...

Wasn't that good timing to get a little pick me up from a very thoughtful person? Sewing is a good cure for the blues.

Wendy said...

How very cute!!! I'm sorry you can't get either machine, but really, for FMQ all you need is a good straightline stitch.

I'm not sure I'd have bought my second machine if I'd known what I know now.

Crispy said...

Sorry about the machine but lady you do such fantastic work with what you have!! What a lovely gift you received :0)