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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I have been up to today so far.
For the first time I have hand sewn the basting for the small quilt..I have always used safety pins before.  This was actually a lot easier than using the safety pins.. though I have a sore index finger now!
I can now put this away till the new large cones of silk thread arrive .. hopefully next week.

I have only two more of the Prism blocks to complete...a blue and a red, and I hope to get these done tonight..then two and a half sides of the border to go.  It seems to be taking ages, but it is fairly heavily quilted, and I have to keep stopping to stretch.
This is  turning out to be a great learning project .  I can look at what I have sewn first on this quilt...see what I have done badly, .and hopefully correct it the ...next? ..one :)

I have been watching a lot of DVD's on FMQ and these have been enormously helpful.

My DH has been terrific, and  has cut me boards to use for the hand basting...and filed some of a sewing foot from my Pffaf to make it easeir to quilt with.
So far I have been using my Bernina 440

The Chook Yard is progressing and the chooks will arrive next week - YAY.

Need to stop for a bit - I guess we really should eat !


Valentina said...

My dear Joan, could you please do a post for those of us that are terrified of machine quilting, but would really like to learn maybe sharing your process and maybe tips?
it is so inspiring seeing your work, and I know you could teach us all so very much!
Thank you!
in wonderment,

Wendy said...

That's some outstanding work there, ma'am! That prism quilt is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished!

Crispy said...

It sounds like you were very productive yesterday. I was too, so we just had hot dogs for dinner (time got a bit away from me) LOL. I usually use pins for basting too.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You might want to try a longer needle for the hand basting. I only hand baste, never pin, and I changed to John James long darners size 7 and they don't hurt your finger like a shorter needle will.

Ivory Spring said...


I am really curious at your hand basting method - would love to have you expound on it more.

Your husband is the sweetest husband!!