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Monday, April 26, 2010

Well - something I wasnt going to show...but I guess I need to confess to my mistakes...so here is the back of the quilt ... not sure if you can see the tension problems I had.
The blue fluffy bit on the right side is some wool roving I was using to make pin cushions with :(

I think this is a better photo to see the incorrect tensions...and the many colours of the silk...the border colour is great - that is the Aurofil, and works well with the silk on top. The yellow you can see is the silk that I was first using top and bobbin...but I ran out SO fast it wasnt funny, so I first changed to different coloured silk...then got the Aurofil.  The blue in the ditch was Guterman cotton - and I didnt like that - it was too heavy.

This is a closer shot of the back showing the sewn design of the fabric I was sewing round FMQ on the border, from the top...Sounds confusing ..hope you get what I mean?

And this is REALLY showing you dreadful tension !
Now I have to wait till the Posite gets here with the next lot of silk, so I can finish the last length of the border and do the binding.  This time I have ordered the large spools of silk as suggested by Diane Gaudynski, which you can find in here

I have learnt many things
1.  Dont use squares on the backing - it never seems to line up.
2.  Always check you tension - even if it looks great from the top!
3.  Dont forget to pin the backing out of the way when you are sewing the border
as its very hatrd to un-pick. 
$. Dont play with wool roving while you are quilting ...not on that table anyway. 
5. Practise Practise Practise :)
6.The next one will be better.


Renée's Country Crochet said...

I don't like you.. laugh..
It is perfect!

Wendy said...

"The next one will be better." That's what I keep telling myself. Truthfully, the average person wouldn't even notice. And the professional quilters will know that you're still learning. It's all good.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

I like your list at the end of the post. Your quilting looks great tho. I have had the tension problem and it has discouraged me from trying to do my own quilting.yours looks as tho it will be worth it in the final product. beautiful,

Crispy said...

Look at all those lovely lessons you learned on the is project, you are one well educated lady LOL. Quite frankly, it looks beautiful to me....except for that bit of wool LOL


Joanne said...

The designs are fantastic!
Your #6 tip is excellent, we are always improving!! Yeah!!

Julia said...

It looks lovely to me Joan...
tension can be a problem...but look at all that beautiful quilting..
Julia ♥

SueR said...

I think your quilting is amazing! Looks like you need to tweek the top tension a little.

Ivory Spring said...

It is beautiful, Joan. Love your list of bullet points.

I have to say, that floral border quilted on the back is STUNNING.

What Comes Next? said...

it looks fabulous, and look at all you are learning!

Valentina said...

Thank You, Joan! This is a fantastic post... I wish I was further along so I could actually understand what you are talking about!!! LOL No, seriously this is very educational, and your quilting patterns took my breath away!