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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Proudly showing you our younger son Stuart, a Captain in the Australian Army Reserves, at the Anzac Day service on the 25th April 2010.
This day means a lot to us, as my husbands father served in the Austraian Army at the age of 18 years, fought and was wounded at Galipoli .
He rarely spoke of his experiences, which was understandable, as it must have been a really dreadful time in his life.


Valentina said...

How moving Joan... It must be a very proud moment for both of you to see your son like this.

Wendy said...

Look at those medals on his chest! What are they for? I was military and I'm always intrigued by the medals I see in the military from other countries.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

great looking son! you must be proud.

Crispy said...

What a handsome young man Joan!! I too am proud of him for serving his country :0)


*karendianne. said...

Ahh, Joan, thanks for sharing this very proud moment. It even makes MY heart swell with pride.

Sandra Henderson said...

Yes, I'm so proud of all the young men all over the world who serve and protect and become a source of strength for all of us. SO PROUD of him and he isn't even my son! :)
Thanks for stopping in to see me today. Because of this, I've now found YOU! :)

Sue-Anne said...

It makes me very proud to be Australian seeing that photo of your wonderful son.

Nima said...

good to see your son. i'm sure that must be a proud moment for you...with medals on his chest...