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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sketchbook Challenge 2012

I have decided to also go in the Sketchbook Challenge.
Not quite sure how it all works, but it sounds good,  especially as my very good friend Liz of
Lizard of Oz gave me some coloured inks for Christmas.
You can find out about the challenge by checking out the link above.

 had thought I may use these for Mug Rugs...

This one I may use my new paints on to see what happens.

Apparently these are OK on fabric.

Whan I draw on fabric directly - I iron it to freezer paper... it is so much easier to draw on.

Now - back to my whole Cloth quilting.

Some doodling or Zentangling I have done before
Now I have a reson to do some more. 


What Comes Next? said...

oh wow! I love those quilting / sketches/zentangles - absolutely stunning! How did you do them? Zentangle on fabric and then quilted ? Love the feathers and micro stippling too. Gorgeous - I want to quilt just like you!

Wendy said...

You are a busy woman!!! And it's always lovely! I'm free Saturday Morning, if you are.

Linda said...

Happy New Year, Joan! What cool quilting designs!!!!

Quilt Rat said...


Kim S said...


Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Very pretty - happy new year!
Best wishes, Berit in Norway

Patti said...


Vania said...

Che lavoro meraviglioso!E che precisione!!!!

Ivory Spring said...

You are just so amazing, Joan. Happy New Year.