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Thursday, January 12, 2012


To have a small break from my WCQ  I have done some doodling .

Long time since I have done any, and I really enjoyed it.
This is for the Sketchbook Challenge - which this month is Doodling!

Now I will get back to my WCQ for a bit and may do some different doodling later :)


Unknown said...

Joan I love those feathers and the multi veining at the base of each petal, that would transfer well in quilting

*karendianne. said...

ahhh I love it when you work with this aspect of your talent. I still proudly display my piece from you in my home where everyone can see it. :)

Raewyn said...


What Comes Next? said...

how fabulous! sigh. I have got to try to doodle more - it just doesn't come easily, but if I practice, maybe I'll be more comfortable with it. I'll never create anything this stunning, though. sigh...

Sheila said...

Hi Joan

As usual - I'm blonw away by your doodles. Wow!

Sheila in Canada

Wendy said...

I need to get into doodling more. I love what you do.

Ivory Spring said...

You work is just gorgeous, Joan.

Diane said...

nice tangle! I haven't done any in months-I was going to try to do it every day and somehow it got put aside and forgotten. Such is life sometimes.

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Hi Joan

Your work is amazing. You have a great talent.