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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Playing with FMQ

Yesterday I got some more of this done.

Its my own designed feather Piece.
I havent been able to sit for long to do this... so it was great to actually get some done.
A lot of it is more micro-quilting, which I love. 
I did get a bit muddled in a couple of places, but I think thats OK.  I still have a long way to go, and it takes quite a while to do.
I am using a batting I have never used before and I think its a bit soft
Time will tell I guess.

It is pouring with rain outside and the wind is about gale force...
We have had one front after another roll by us here
and the wind has been dreadful.  It always seems to happen at night. and that seems worse.

Well I am off to get some things done now. 

Maybe I will get some more of this done later - if I am lucky :)


Emma said...

Wow! It's gorgeous!

Desley said...

Wow Joan, talk about micro quilting. We have had beautiful weather the last couple of days - but we usually get your weather three days later, just in time for the weekend :)

*karendianne. said...

Oh Joan, this is really stunning. What a beautiful piece to wake up to today in my early morning blogging. A real treat!!!

Neguko said...

¿How have you made with colour the fabric, and other quilting in white? UAU!!!And your micro-quilting is so pretty!KSS

Unknown said...

This is absolutely amazing - you really have to click and enlarge the photo to really appreciate the amount of work you have done on this - great work

Crispy said...

Truly beautiful Joan. Our summer has been so miserable hot and muggy we are actually talking that we would prefer 20 below temps. I think we are ready for fall LOL.


corina said...

Just lovely Joan. I so admire your work.

Lynette said...

Joan, this is amazing work! I've bookmarked it in my quilting inspirations folder. One day I'll be able to sit down and play that way! In the meantime - WOW, do I love watching your work!

Diane said...

so glad to see your post and your fantastic quilting

Leeanne said...

Love it!! I would love to a chance to have a play like that.

Helen in the UK said...

That looks amazingly textural :)

M and M plus 3 said...

Simply stunning work!

Janet said...

It's looking beautiful! I love the sampler look in the background, it looks amazing.