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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yesterday after receiving and avidly reading my new book on quilting from Diane Gaudynsky, I tried a couple of different things.
If I get even partway as good as Diane...I will be more than happy
My quilting is VERY shaky!
The photo on the right was me playing with hexagons..trying to work out how to quilt my POTC's.  Tis the fabric I thought I may use for the backing...but not too sure now.. Havn't machine quilted for a time now, and I REALLY do need the practise. The larger square on the right was also a possiblity for the backing...but not now.  I tried a couple of differnet threads on it, but am still not happy.The lighter thread was better I thought.
Next week I am going to purchase some monfilament thread..to see what that is like and do some more samples. and get some finer needles if I can.
I will complete a couple of my spare POTC's to play on, when I am more confident what I may be doing.

Have found some UFO's that are ready to quilt - so may play some more today...then back to the POTC's


Crispy said...

Love the big sample, I like the lighter thread too. I hope you have good luck with that monofilament type threads, I heard they are hard to work with.


SueR said...

Shaky or not, I think the little sampler looks splendid. I bet it won't take much practice to work out the shakiness. I've used monofilament and thought it was fine to work with. You may have to loosen your top tension, otherwise it may stretch as you sew. What about a 100 weight thread? Very fine, easy to work with, it's called Invisafil, and you can google it.

Ivory Spring said...


It's me again. Regarding the shakiness of your stitches... are you aware of "Supreme Slider" -- a very smooth plastic sheet you place on the bed of your machine to help move your quilt sandwich better...?