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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I am in the process of re-arranging my studio. 
I am  getting 2 new design boards to cover and increase my design wall as I am out of space with my POTCs and don't wish to take them off the wall
The shelves are going from there...lots of shfting things...and the new design boards will go next to the original one nearer to the window

You can see some of the progress of my sewing the blocks together.
The top row is complete, and I am sewing the block borders first and will then join and complete the 2nd row.

As you can see - it all looks a bit of a mess!

One of the blocks is missing as that's the one I am working on now.

The loom will go from here ...hopefully...and I can arrange tables to suit my machines for sewing under the two windows. There are two unfinished quilts hanging on the front of the loom.
It still looks messy!
My cutting table is in the foreground and covered with things to move.

These are the fabrics I got solely for my POTC Blocks...I have since sorted and put into my OTHER room with my main fabric stash!

This is my stash after I had it all sorted..
I have the full fabric collectiof the Jinny Beyer Pallette
The fabric on the shelf abover the wadding is what I have transfered of my POTC collection and next to that is my delicious fabric I received from Kathy ..of Kathy's Quilts in Maryland
It was washed - all 15 yards of it, with the help of my friend Liz , and Andrea.

This is what hides behind the other side of the 'mirror room' cupboard.

My other crafts which I do only periodically
Beading, Weaving ,Spinning, Dying wool, and sewing ballet costumes.
Would you believe this is a spare bedroom?

This has taken WAY too much time.. I have found it was difficult for me to work out how to get these bits in the order I wanted...and I havn't even shown you the shelves with all my books on.
Next  time...maybe.
I am now off to do some more sewing.


Crispy said...

Goodness, you do have a lot of stash...two rooms worth LOL. I'm sure you will get it all sorted out, but we do our best creating when we are being our messiest :0).

I love the border you are doing on the POTC....so very beautiful.


Jenny said...

What a lovely big room to sew in! Love your quilt.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

your POTC blocks are beautiful.