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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#13 of 16.  POTC # 73

Central fabric is an amber toning of Empress Bouquet by Peggy Toole for Kaufman
Next four hexagons are, I think, by Quilting Treasures .
The remainder are batik.

3 more to go!!!!


Elly D said...

You're doing great Joan! Love these last few blocks also. Your fabrics are beautiful.
Cute little poodle! I would love one of those, if only I could borrow one to see if I'm allergic, LOL. If you lived nearer I could borrow her.
Very adorable!!
Super pumpkin!! They don't grow here and are hard to come by in the shops. We only get the butternut squash kind in.
I hope you're feeling better with your eyes.
hugs Elly

Joan said...

Thanks Elly..nice to see you there. The Poodle is allergy free and doesnt loose her hair...and is very loyal. We love her.
The blcks are slowly getting there, but I am branching out between them now...more later

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

Hi Joan
Your blocks are spectacular!
I did do the piece on my blog. I did the painting from which the elements are derived and the template is from a website that has tutorials in digital scrapbooking.

Amy said...

WOW!!!! I've enjoyed my visit as well! These blocks are absolutely striking!