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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is the photo of my design wall to date.
Its a slow process and I am still working on the top of the quilt.
I am still shifting blocks around.
I have decided to do the complete borders on the left and and top sides only for the moment, in lines as I go ... and will only complete the block borders individually.
This will allow me to change blocks around as I feel inclined...
To make this a King size quilt - and I am undecided on this as yet...I may need to make another 16 blocks...
I will continue to put it together before I make the other blocks - IF I do.
This photo is as much to let you know what I am up to , and more importantly to keep my own inspiration going.


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

wow Joan this is an amazing undertaking! I am impressed. keep us posted!

Elly D said...

OH MY!! It is looking fabulous Joan!! AWESOME!! Such a huge task that you are taking in your stride and getting on with it!! Admirable!
Must be hard going to in such heat.
Looking forward to further progress.

Cathi said...

Joan, it's going to be fantastic!! Those lovely blocks are so much fun to put together I'd be tempted to make it king size if that size is truly the size you need. :-) Now you've put that idea in my head!!