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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vintage quilting,

 I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog..however I thought I really should keep going with it.
So ...this is what I am currently working on .
Its a Vintage table cloth which belonged to my fathers family...
I have so many beautiful pieces here - its a shame to just leave them in the cupboard. 

This is the first corner ..so I have a long way to go.
I never really know how I am going to quilt things until I actually get started

Instead of putting this on a background to show it in a frame - I decided to keep it as  table cloth.
Because of this I needed to work out how to do the edge and still have the lace to show.  

I am thankful to Kelly Cline for mentioning this is how she does the vintage pieces...when not making them for framing.  She does beautiful work..vintage pieces on her longarm!

So this is a first to me...Many thanks to Kelly :) First I pinned and then basted with my Sweet Sixteen,  I cut the background fabric larger than the edge.
and then cut the cotton batting to fit just beyond the lace edge, as I wanted this to show.

I tacked the back fabric down over the batting and then machined them together with the top ..along the lace border
Above is the back after I had tacked it.

So this is my tablecloth with the backing secured and the top basted.

I have three more corners left to sew...and then I will work out what to put in the Middle..
A bit slow going as my back is very sore...but its good to have my mind taken off that :)


Leeanne said...

Lovely piece, beautiful quilting to complement the embroidery. I also enjoy quilting the lovely old relics, I quilt them on my long arm too.

Jackie said...

Beautiful quilting, it will be gorgeous for sure. I've been following Cindy Needham who also does this type of quilting and hope to someday find some vintage linen and do something similar. I will have to keep practicing before I'm ready to start but it's getting there.

sherry said...

looking lovely…lots of work

QuiltShopGal said...

Going to become a gorgeous heirloom piece. Absolutely beautiful.


Leeanne said...

Joan I did reply to your email but it bounced back?

Anonymous said...

Joan.....very beautiful and I love those embroidery colors! The grid-stitching really compliments the "McTavishing"!!!! Don't you just love these pieces???? I, also, have a SS but prefer to stitch the linens on my JukiTL2010Q. Stitches like a dream, just like the SS!!!!

Quiltsmiles said...

What a beautiful way to keep and honor these vintage linens all the while update them at the same time. It's beautiful!

Kelly Cline said...

I love it Joan! Vintage pieces are so much fun and I always feel like I've given the original makers' handwork a new life. I'll be anxious for your finish!