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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A small gift

I made this one evening last week as a gift to a good friend

I needed to just quilt something!!
 Its just a little holder to put on the table

Above was the correct side...sewn with Gold Silk yli 100
Her daughter told me orange was her mother's favorite colour!

 I had forgotten my trade mark  - a quilted Ladybug ..so I drew and painted one on.
My friend liked this side so much..she says she will frame it - this side up.
The Ladybug this way may have started something new
The best thing was - it didn't take long to complete.
And another gift that was given to me by one of my lovely patients....
Tra la..
A chocolate ladybug - just for me... Felt a bit strange actually eating it...
but it was yummy!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful present for your friend, Joan! The chocolate ladybug looks yummy, too. Hugs, Carla

Leeanne said...

What a lovely gift!

Patti said...

I agree with your friend on which side should show. Nice piece. That lady bug is adorable!

Raewyn said...

Lovely, Joan. Hardcase about the ladybird side :-) I'm guessing this was done by your sitdown machine?

Martha said...

That is an adorable little quilt!!! Well done!! And the chocolate ladybug looks very yummy!!!!