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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Carpenters Star, FMQ

Current project - Carpenters star

This was meant to be a Christmas present to one of my Grandsons..
also combined with his 18th Birthday... so I am busy with it now.
Its way overdue!

Putting it all together

Beginning the ditching 

This was last year before we moved! in June 2013

This is showing - of a sort - the different designs I am doing for the rectangles.  
I am drawing the spines in 

Now in the new house

Center Star .. one design for the  8 points design

There are  2 design for these pieces, and unfortunately I havnt missed the picture with the second design

How I draw the designs on...
I first sketch them out to see how they go, and then just draw the stems and FMQ the feathers.
Bit shaky at times ,

Then when those are completed I will work out what to put in the cream squares..
Then the different borders.

Apologies for this post - I had several interruptions ... visitors etc..


Linda said...

It will be a treasure for all times!! Quilting is beautiful!!! I know when it is finished it will be amazing!!

Karendianne said...

Wow Joan, that's beautiful. What a delight to see you and your WIP! No apologies for the post - gosh it's just great to see you.

Raewyn said...

It looks great Joan, neat to see you workingon it :-) Your grandson will love it when he does get it!