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Friday, June 24, 2011

Designing in progress

Starting again!!



Even the water went clear!

I am having the design Printed for me and will then glue the 4 pieces together...trouble is thay were not able to print it onto Freezer paper...so I may need to transfer it to that by physically drawing it... or another thought - I wonder if I iron the Freezer paper to the fabric blank and THEN draw the design with my light box. 
Even while resting the mind still works!
The drawings took a day to go, but go they did.Its all a time thing isnt it, and I am a bit frustrated that I have done no sewing in a while.
On the good side - my DH is a little better .. we are still waiting for a diagnosis...2 weeks to wait!
Now I am the one resting :(
We take it in turns :)


Lynette said...

aw, bless your heart! That looked like a LOT of drawing you had to undo!

Unknown said...

Ah and now you've got me thinking

Crispy said...

Did you cry big crocodile tears as you watched all that hard work disappear? I know I would have!!

It's great to hear that your hubby is feeling a bit better but it would be nice if they were a bit quicker in why he has been so poorly!!


Diana and LaDonna said...

I'm so glad your husband is a little better. Be sure to keep us posted!


Ivory Spring said...


That is what makes your work stand out - you put forth your best foot, and only the best.

What marking pen did you use n that quilt top? It's very blue.

Ginny said...

I love your design. It's beautiful. I too hide ladybugs in almost all of my quilts too. People look for them now. It's like looking for Waldo. :) I was wondering if I could use your design as a starting point for one of my own whole cloth quilts. I know no two are alike and I wouldn't be able to do near the level of your quilting but the design just spoke to me. I was just hoping to take some of your elements and make them my own in my own interpretation. I completely understand if not. Just wanted to ask. Again. BEAUTIFUL.

Joan said...

Ginny - Thats very flattering.. thank you for asking . Of course you can .. let me know how you go and keep in touch. I watched a video of Sharon Schambers on designing a whole cloth quilt...and did classes with Carla Barrett on designing in photoshop too. .. I am still learning. Also watch lots of videos still ...I couldn't find you email address - would love to have that. many thanks again for asking.