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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Very sadly - Andrea is unable to do her ballet for a full school term.  She keeps dislocating her knee
We have been adrived to rest the knee to allow the inflamation for reduce.

She also has some other concerns re her bones  not to mention her migraines  - which are behaving ...touch wood...and we can't get to see the Orthopaedic doctor until May.
She is very unhappy about this.

I am very excited - we are having visitors from USA who I have been chatting to for 15 years!  Off to the airport to pick them up soon - I will be away for the day.
Will get to the computer when I can.

I dont think much sewing will be done.


*karendianne. said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this news about Andrea although I imagine it's all for the best. Why does that phrase lack comfort? Dear me. Well, I think you know what my feelings are...

Excited about friend visiting. Don't forget to share some details! Hugs, *karendianne.

Joanne said...

I am sorry to hear about Andrea - I hope she doesn't have lasting problems.
Have fun with your friends - how exciting!!♥

Unknown said...

Enjoy your time with your friends.
I hope Andrea 'enforce' rest period helps sort out her knee and headaches.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for Andrea - hopefully the rest will help sort things out. Have a great time with your friends.

Crispy said...

Oh I so sorry to hear this Andrea!! It is good to take care of your young bones so you don't have crippling problems when you are old like me.

Have a wonderful time with your Yankey friends Joan!


Sheila said...

So sorry to hear about Andrea , I hope her knee will be much better soon.Enjoy your company , I am sure it will be exciting to meet.

Beatriz said...

Must say: check with the dentist if Andrea needs braces if you haven´t done it yet. My daugther´s headaches were gone after that.

I appreciate you concern about posting comments in Portuguese. You´re a very special kind of person. You´re a kind person. Very rare these days.

I must also say that the Google translator from Portuguese into English is not reliable. The machine doesn´t include negative sentences - skips the NOs to start with and sticks to the latin order of the terms in the sentences. Very poor results. So - I´m not as dumb or as crazy as I may seem to you! lol

Have fun with your friends. I´m sure they´ll have a great time there.

Linda said...

I'm sorry to hear about Andrea. Headaches are the worst. My thoughts are with her. Hopefully she'll be dancing again soon!

Enjoy your visitors!

Ivory Spring said...

So sorry to hear about Andrea!!! :( A big hug for her.

Enjoy your friend's visit. How exciting.

Miriam said...

So sorry to hear Andrea is having so much trouble. Very disappointing for her. I hope the problems can be repaired so she can keep dancing.