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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just trying to work out how to enlarge my designs and get to and sew them.
I need some help and advice re printing these!

I would love it if anyone could tell me how to enlarge my designs on my own computer.
A while ago, I thought I was very clever...and actually printed one of my two previous whole cloth  designs ..one quarter normal, and one mirrored..and stuck the two together...it is now printed onto two sheets of A3 paper...I think that makes it A2.  I need to get 3 more printed to make a whole and unfortuantely I didnt save the image...drat!!

I know I can take that to the printers and get that printed 4 times.  For the life of me I cant remember how I did it...I thought I had done it in Word...but of course whatever I did has gone from my mind. 
Hoping someone can help me, as I am trying various things that are NOT working...and also trying to tidy up the designs I have completed.

Apart from that, work goes on slowly with my POTC's .
I am playing with designs
I am also trying some turned applique using one of Sharon Schambers Exotic Flower video

That has taken a while as I have had to wait to get some of the requirements together...still waiting. 
I am nearly ready to turn the fabric...but cant find Sulky Invisible thread.
May use some of my nylon thread to play with for that if I cant find it in time to use, but I think it will be a bit stretchy.

So you can see I am not really as quiet as it seems...and am itching to get things done...but its very slow.


Crispy said...

Sorry I can't help you with your printing woes but it sure is nice reading your blog again :0) It's wonderful that you are keeping yourself busy!!


Quilt Rat said...

Have you tried


It is so simple.....you upload your photo/diagram..choose what size you want the finished work to be, (how many pages high and wide) and you get a PDF to download that you can save and print. Then you tape your sheets together........best of all it is FREE

Loretta said...

Hi Joan...
It is so nice to see a post from you. I can't help with the printing issue either but wanted to say hello. I am up late as my back is keeping me up at night...sheesh!!!