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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Then of course  I had to do my FMQ for today.

I drew the design free hand some time ago directly to the fabric...so I don't have this one on file...but altered it a bit as I went.  Its a bit lopsided!
The colour is far brighter than it actually is.
I used an old gold coloured silk thread with Aurofil in the bobbin.
Now I shall have to have another think as to what I will do next :)

I hope your day has been special.


Joanne said...

Great design! ♥

Sandy said...

I really appreciate the way you list the type/size thread in the top and the bobbin...it is great for us "newbies"- I recently bought some 12wt and I noticed the needle size is suggested on the end of the spool! (Sulky, and King Tut 30wt too) I did start practicing...now will mark my Cube background black fabric- Sandy

Saskia said...

Hi Joan.
Thanks for visiting my blog. It's good to hear and see all that is made in the quilting world. It gives me inspiration. I like your blog, and I like what you make with all the different threads.

Karen said...

How beautiful this piece is! You are so talented.

Terry said...

Hi this is a return visit. It is so nice to have new people stop by.
I'm sure we will see more of each other once I'm actually back home in Sydney . The only stitching I have here is for the klosjes.

The BBQ looked fun not sure about the logging.
Talk again Terry

rockgranny said...

Nice to meet you, Joan.
I'm sure this is not our last contact.Your quilting is wonderful!
Keep sewing and smiling.
(from the other side of the world)

Janet said...

Another fantastic sample. I must get the books and really have a go, your stitching is looking divine. Do you match the colour thread in the bobbin to the top thread?

Crispy said...

Your patterns alway intrigue me. This one is lovely too. I think you need to publish some of them :o)


Sharmayne said...

Hi Joan, Stopped by to check out your flowers from Wednesday & have a peak at your blog! So your in WA - we are in Vic, north east, so we too have been collecting the firewood ...... nights are getting quite cold now! Love your blog.

Char said...

Hi Joan, What pencil or pen do you use when you draw directly on the fabric. I'm looking for something other than a plain mechanical pencil.