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Thursday, May 20, 2010

 FMQ Thursday 20th May

Actually did this late last night as I knew I would be beat today after the Craft Show in Perth :)

Have completed the center fillers.

Now... after two glasses of wine...I am off to sit and do nothing for the evening.

Will post photos of the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair tomorrow - when I hope to have caught up after a hectic day...


GailM. said...

This is gorgeous Joan. So much detail shows. I loved it before the fillers, but wow, the fillers take it to a whole new level. I got work to do to take my runner to the next level. Such inspiration you are!!

Joanne said...

Fantastic! I like all the different filler patterns you used.

Crispy said...

Absolutely stunning!! I hope you had a great time at the show or will have a great time at the show, depending on the time differences LOL.


Wendy said...

Just as beautiful on the back as the front!

Anonymous said...

Joan, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love everything about it! You did such a great job. Get Andrea to give you a pat on your shoulder! :)

Leeanne said...

Joan, just fabulous quilting!

Julia said...

So beautiful Joan..
Did you see the sit down 16" Handi quilter machine at the show...it's on my wishlist...will be for a long time!
Julia ♥

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...