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Friday, May 28, 2010

The next experiment

I 'painted' this with Fabrico pencils after drawing with the blue wash-away pen first. 
Today I am going to first wash the fabric..hoping the blue will disappear and the paint will stay - then I will iron to fix - and hope the paint is left after washing...and then hopefully will do the quilting...

Maybe I will first try a piece with blue and paint on first before I destroy things.
We shall see ...

You can see two little ladybugs in the top right corner that I was also playing with - drawing direct with the pens.

I should have worked on this size fabric for all my FMQ,  as this size will fit into clear folders and I could save them for future reference...better late than never :)


Sandra Henderson said...

Lovely Joan! I wonder... Do you know about Retayne? I use it when I do photo transfers from the copier onto the "fabric"paper. After I print my photos onto the fabric, I heat set with a dry iron and allow to sit a while, then rinse in cold water that has "Retayne" in it. It helps to stop the fading/bleeding. I don't know if it would work with this, but thought I'd mention in case you have not heard of it. Looks like GREAT FUN! XO

Leeanne said...

Really pretty, nice colours

Nima said...

wow...that looks awesome...

Terry said...

Pretty work and interesting experiments.

Have agoodweekend

Crispy said...

So pretty!! The washable blue pen I use comes out with a very quick rinse, perhaps it won't hurt the fabric pen colors.