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Monday, October 27, 2014

FMQ, Finished quilts, Designs,

Another finish in between unpicking.  

I was asked to make a baby quilt for an expected baby Boy.

This is The Ladybug Party.. Ladybugs being my trademark - usually hidden in the quilt.

 I completed it and gave it yesterday... with 3 weeks to go!

It is sewn with yli 100 silk and double batted.. wool and cotton
My own design and FMQ

Nothing too dense , although it was tempting.. and the design sewn larger than I normally do.

 I used my Drunkards Path Go Cutter die for this and it went together very easily.

Ladybugs everywhere :)

 I designed the feathers to fit the spaces and used a little contrast with the straight lines...where I used my ruler.

So one more finish..

and now back to my unpicking!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I started on my quilting on this quilt..
Basted the edges with wash-away thread..
started the wrong way!!
lots of problems with tensions.. then my Bernina 820 locked up
(thankfully THAT is sorted)  and I had resorted to sewing what I have done on my 440QE

Didn't stick to the plan I posted previously!       thtoopid!!


Did this instead!

Very silly!!

This is what has happened..  so

Out it all comes  ... all of it.

So mad with myself!!

I will frog, unpin, maybe add a second batting...starch some more...repin.
I am going to be very busy.

Think my deadline will change..

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Workshops Designs, DWR., FMQ,

After a recent workshop  by Michelle Pearson at Handcrafters House with Jamie Wallen,
 and so inspired by his feathers - who wouldn't be  :)
I felt like I could get on with the design of the DWR quilt...which has been all ready to quilt for a while now

 ( Me with Jamie and Rich)
It was a fabulous workshop of four days ..very intense and so full of learning, fun and laughter

So onto the design of the DWR quilt...
I had more of less decided on this..

But really liked this.... then thought I may never get it finished in time..

However...this is the one I have decided to do.  I have drawn over a photo of the quilt.. using a clear plastic and a black marker, which in itself is a great practise..

This is my Practice piece of quilting
Ignore the celtre... I had a bit of trouble getting the tension right  for top and bottom using Glide thread - took most of the day but finally got it.
Now I will hopefully start the basing on the edges and have a huge load of ditch work to get done
which I will do with the dusty mono-filament top and hopefully Glide in the bobbin.

I will try to keep up with sneak peaks along the way


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dr Who Quilt, FMQ,

At last I have got something to show, and its taken my a while to get back here..

I finally completed The Dr Who quilt for my Granddaughters 18th Birthday!!
It was not an easy quilt for me to figue out, as I am not really
 a fan of Dr Who ... but I got there and thankfully my GD loved it

So here are some photos...probably way too many...

The photos were the most difficult for me...especially the lovely Tenth Doctor :)
Which is Andrea's favorite.
The words Doctor Who in Galifreyan were not easy either... but there you are 

I have never tried to quilt photos before...
and then I used a lot of fillers... and had fun with planets..

There are plenty of planets... wormholes,  and a row of space ships around all the borders

and eight Darleks too.. plus the planet with its extra large moon is Galefrey
 ( which I am not sure how to spell )

 I really did enjoy doing the ruler work too

 and a Tardis in each corner

Two more of the Darleks

 And a circle of marching ladybugs

More Darleks

Some tiny feathers

Not sure about this one.. but it was fun to do

Spinning planet

Somewhere in the quilt is a dragon... and our own planet system... with a large sun

Anyway it has taken me WAY too long to get this posted and way too many photos...
so hope you enjoy what I have done...
 As I mentioned at the beginning of the post..it has not been an easy quilt for me,
I am so happy it has gone to a home where it will be appreciated.

So now onto the next project.. which is almost there.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Machine Quilting

I have lots of progress photos, but can't post anything yet...
soon I hope!

I am working on Andrea's 18th Birthday quilt... and I am late - of course
Hopefully I will be finished soon and be able to post photos, once she has received it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family, Finished quilts, FMQ,

My Grandson Josh finally got his 18th Birthday quilt.  
Complete with Ladybugs, quilted in mystery places...
so much so - that I am not even sure where they are :)vb Its always fun looking for them.

This quilt is called The Pathways of Life, as there are a lot of borders, which made me think of all the pathway choices one has in life.

Then some views of the back...............
and two more painted Ladybugs.

So .. a lot of photos and now onto the next quilt.