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Friday, May 21, 2010

Some photos of quilts and the WAFTA exhibition at the Perth Craft Fair taken yesterday

This was the first we looked at.  The WAFTA - West Australian Fibre and Textile Association had this wonderful exhibition of work done by some of it members. 
The work was really wonderful and quite varied. 
This is my friend Liz, and this is one of the two pieces she entered in this exhibition.
Liz also has an on-line store and specialises in English Piecing here

First quilt I need to show you is Julia's quilt.  What a wonderful quilt that is!
Congratulations to Julia...

These samples are on a board advertising a class to be held by Jan Rowe in June of this year...
This was just so interesting and I just wish I could attend...

My Grandfathers Flower Garden by Margaret Smith, an Accredited Judge. When exhibited in the Memories Quilt Exhibition in 1996 It was awarded 3rd Prize in the theme section
It is Machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

This photo does not do this beautiful quilt justice, but I have included it and will show some details. 
It was a double sided quilt and was made and sewn by Jo Northcott
It won Best Longarm quilter.

This is the reverse side of the quilt - Just beautiful .... gold stitching and 'sparkles' too.

These next two photos show some of the wonderful details.

You can tell the quilting was interesting to me :)

 Friendship  was made by Robynne Vallence - this won the President'[s Choice.

Enchanted By Karleah Olson - in the Student quilt maker 14 - 18 years .  It shows the Prince with his sword in the walls of the enchanted palace in Sleeping Beauty.  As you can see it won a few awards!

This beautiful quilt was made by Sheila Pye in the Traditional Predominantly Applique - Professional
It is called Coxcomb and Currents revisited.  It is an original Design.
A beautiful quilt.

I hope I have this one correct ..
Called William Morris and Friends and made by Helen Rhodes. It won 2nd Prize fin the Predominantly applique  Professional division.

I was getting a bit wonky on my feet at this time - so sorry about the loss of some of the quilt.  This is called My Hexagon Rose garden by Dale Bergin.  It took 3 1/2 years to complete and has 1340 hexagons in it. It is an original design.  I won a Judges Commendation and is hand quilted.
The quilting in this was wonderful I thought :)
This was called Across the Rubicon by Cheryl Botha.
This won a first prize for First Time Entrant.

A close up of the beautiful quilting.

This was absolutely AMAZING  First Prize  by Jan Roe..Tropical Delight!

All things bright and beautiful - Jane Rowe

My apologies to the makers of the following quilts - I stopped writing them down...

Another beautiful Quilt by Sheila Pye - You can see all the awards it won in a previous show.

I can't put a name to this one sadly..but its really beautiful - the quilting is amazing!

So that's it from me for this year on quilt Shows.  It really was well worth the visit.


Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow!! All those quilts are just absolutely wonderful! I bet they were more wonderful in person. Photos never seem to do quilts justice.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the quilts. I see there is a Dear Jane in there with a very different center to it - what a wonderful way to do that one - it makes it so unique.

Wendy said...

Stupendous! I definitely can see your biggest interest! I love the double-sided, too.

Nima said...

wow....awesome quilts...thank you so much for sharing the pictures

Chartreuse Moose said...

Wonderful! Who'd think simple white quilting sample blocks could look so stunning??? All of them are grand! Made my day...now back to life in toddlerville! ;-)

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

I am in awe - so beautiful quilts! Absolutely stunning! Lovely baby janes too. I can tell you had a wonderful day ;-)
Best wishes from Berit in Norway

Crispy said...

Wonderful Wonderful quilts!! It's fun to see quilts that I have made or am going to make in alternate settings. The quilting on your favorite quilt is truly amazing!!


Emma said...

I love the quilting detail on the 'back' f that winning quilt! The bottom quilt is Magellanic something (Dreaming?) by Stephanie Newman: http://stephanienewman.blogspot.com/

Melissa ;-) said...

Thanks for the sharing the photos! Looking at these, I realized one of the reasons I like looking at quilts so much is because I can "see" the love the maker has put into them. Helps me to reaffirm my commitment to myself to make only what I want when I want and not what I think others "think" I should make!

Joanne said...

Absolutely beautiful quilts!
Thanks so much for sharing!!♥

Karen said...

Wonderful, wonderful quilts! I love Grandfather's Flower Garden.

Miriam said...

Wow, so many beautiful quilts!!
Thank you for sharing!

Sue-Anne said...

All the quilts are wonderful and I like the two Dear Jane's that have been made different from the original. Thanks for sharing the photos, it almost feels like I was there.

Ivory Spring said...

WOWWIE! What eye candies -- I love love love them. Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful pictures.


Liz said...

Thank you for your company at the craft fair - a lovely day. Thanks for putting a link to my website on the picture of me. I've had a little run of orders in the last few days - wonder if it's because of you? When are you going to ENTER a quilt into the show Joan?