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Monday, May 10, 2010

FMQ Challenge Monday 10th May
This time the colours are correct.

Four small corners - all feathered  hearts
I had intended going to sleep early tonight - but the machine was smiling at me as I passed it :) So there is another day of the Challenge...and I am really off to bed soon.
Andrea was home again today with another Migraine at 5.am...and it continued through to mid afternoon....so I am preparing for anything tomorrow
and hoping all will be well!


Joanne said...

Great hearts with the stippled centers!

Sandy said...

Oh yes, this is very very nice! It looks like you used the Sharon Schamber basting method? I love the corners, the colors, everything. You are making such FAST progress - makes me think there is something to this "every day for at least 20 mins" advice! Sandy

Sheila said...

Joan , you do amazing FMQ , that is something I can't seem to get on to , I mess it up pretty bad each time :-(

Sue-Anne said...

Your FMQ is looking so good!

Vivian said...

Looking better all of the time. I need to follow suit and FMQ each day. Maybe I will this summer when I am off.

Crispy said...

Ooooo Lovely!! Amazing how our quilting tools holler at us LOL.