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Sunday, May 09, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day.
I heard from all four of my children..
I had a special phone call from my youngest daughter Heather in Perth, a visit from my younger son Stuart and his wife Jennifer and three of their sons.  They were on their way to Perth to see another of their sons, Jakeb...whose birthday was today also.
Also heard from my daughter Fiona in Melbourne...who should by now be safe in Perth where they will be for a week.
Also a lovely phone call from my eldest son Andrew - Andrea's father.
Oh and Andrea wrote me the most beautiful poem - and of course I cried!

Left to right
Morgan ,Andrea, Joshuah ,me, Stuart and Jennifer...with some our 'girls' in the background.

Then we went logging

Having our picnic lunch in the bush with our great neighbours Frank and Jean.

Me cooking the last of the sausages which Jean kindly provided (we had eaten FAR too much and these came back home again) while the others finished the chopping and stacking of the wood

A last quick snack (not that we were hungry )
Our trailer was packed and loaded and we were ready for home!
A great day!


http://whosaclevergirlthen.blogspot.com said...

What a great day out you had! Reminds me of our NT days when we frequently went bush! I see the chickens have been installed so plenty of fresh eggs on the menu!

Nima said...

wow...you had a nice time outside...

Crispy said...

What a lovely family you have Joan. I loved seeing the terrain you go logging at, so different than where we would go. Do you have to buy permits to go logging?


Em said...

Oh how I love picnics and so fun to see photos of yours! What a wonderful day for you, Em

Narelle said...

I love your dining room :-)
Sounds like a lovely day.