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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mother Superiors BOM 2015


Well just to keep up to date...I have begun again the quilting of my DWR quilt.
 So..as I had sadly taken out the first basting stitches...which had been done for me on a friends 
longarm  machine ( and which I SHOULD have left in)
I have redone the basting just in the blocks...with Ella ( my SS) behaving wonderfully

Love those basting stitches.

Then I started on this... Its Mother Superior's ( from Superior Threads) BOM.. and for March there are 12 blocks.. all cut out.. some of them wrongly and I have had to piece together bits to make up for what I messed up
I am NOT a patchworker.... I am a quilter...
don't like piecing.

You may be able to pick up some boo boo's I made.  The dark brown triangle is pieced with an extra bit... and the whole oranangey piece is sewn together in 2 triangles...its a make do... but hopefully it wont be noticed.

I am hopeless with patterns .. always seem to read them incorrectly.  

Thats the sum of my work today... 2 blocks of 12

I will tackle more tomorrow.. at least these two are actually 12 1/2 inches as they are meant to be.

So I will catch up more when I have something more to catch up with!

We have rain at last...result of the Cyclone from up Forth.. which is down to a low here.. and severe weather forecast.. good for sewing!

I will continue today with my DWR... which is really heavy to manage at present, and do more blocks tomorrow.


QuiltShopGal said...

Both projects are beautiful and look absolutely perfect to me.


Jackie said...

Both pieces look great. I'm like you and can't say I enjoy piecing, as time goes on I'm really starting to think I have a form of dyslexia as my completed patterns always are backwards. I made a Jenny Byers quilt and even though I read the pattern over and over again, checked the finished picture my quilt is backwards and upside down. I tell people its artistic license but I know it's wrong lol. Hope you stay safe and sound from the cyclone.

chris said...
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Raewyn said...

I'm seriously going to look for that basting stitch on my machine!! Hope you are having fun on your DWR and you manage to get the Mother Superior blocks sorted :-)