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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Designs, FMQ, Free motion Quilt Challenge 2015,

I have a big problem! I have this cushion cover...which I have had for some time
 I am keeping it for myself 

The front

So - I have made...with a zip.. a back for it.... quilted and measured it incorrectly... too late to change... 
( I have never done that before and don't think I will again! )
So my problem is...I need to cut some of the lower border of the cushion cover to fit the front...my DH says it OK...its only for me
Its got lots of filler designs that I want to keep on the front for reference... and no one else will see it...but I cant bring myself to make the cut and make it fit the front... so I am putting it aside for now... I will cut it tomorrow.
Any thoughts?

Too late for the Challenge I think!

I may just make another backing with just fabric and think about what to do with the back! BUT not for a while. I am afraid I have missed the boat so to speak.... and I am WAY too tired! Plus I don't think I really want to cut it


Jackie said...

Make another backing and then when your up to it make another front. Good to see your back in the saddle (so to speak) lol. Your quilting is gorgeous once again.

Maggie said...

Yes to Jackie's comment. Way too nice to cut into.

Maggie in Arizona

Linda said...

Such beautiful quilting!!

Quiltsmiles said...

I wouldn't cut it either. It's too beautiful. I like what the first comment mentioned make a different back for this one and then a different front for the one that has a different dimension. That way you have two pillows in a variety of complementary fabrics. Good luck.