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Friday, March 06, 2015

Free Motion Quilt challenge 2015 MARCH, Designs, HQ Sweet Sixteen, Machine Quilting,

I have just completed this month Challenge.

I must admit this one pushed out my comfit levels, and I really had no idea what I was doing till I came to each new step.
Then I thought, designed and came up with this.
Unfortunately I have the wrong sized pillow...so need to get a 20" one ...instead of an 18" one.

The front  before it went together

I drew the centre on first..and as you may be able to see... I had drawn borders 
which never did eventuate!

I really had a lot of fun using Ella to do my ruler work, though the curves were a bit of a challenge.

As I said previously - This one really challenged me!

Decided to do trapunto
Used washable thread in the top...and cotton on the back..which was not the best thing to do 
it kept apearing in little lumps when the wash-away thread dissolved...
I don't think I will do it that way again. 

However it did work.

Then I used the basting stitch on Ella - my renamed Sweet Sixteen
It worked really well and best of all..
NO pins!
The only problem with the basting - I need to watch the video of Paula Storm where she shows how to use the new basting stitch...no problem getting the top basting stitchwes out, but it was  a bit of a bother getting the underneath thread out.

I used some some aurifil thread, some King Tut varigated and for the filling I used Invisifil thread...alll in the top surface.
In the bobbin I used Invisifil thread... and it worked well

I had fun with new ?Template from Cindy Needham.( which I got in preparation for next months Challenge )   That helped me design the sections around the center Circle.  I did have something else planned for where the leaves are.. but I tend to change my mind a lot in the designing...For me it works to go away from it for a while

Details of the center follow, As it happens I don't think I really needed the trapunto..however I do enjoy doing that.

Details of the center follow,
Although it takes time - I do love to do the micro stitching.

A look at the back - didnt get the tension right for the leaves...
fortunately its OK on the top

The completed cushion  (Pillow)

 And here is a photo of the back - that didn't fit last months one..
Now I just have to make a plain back for that one...and I am all up to date.

Please forgive me not answering posts from my last post...I have had a few ore days in Hospital  and am only just coming good again :)

Catch up with you again soon


Wiesia Pawłowska said...

Beautiful trapunto!

Susan Lawson said...

Wow! So pretty! nice work Joan :)

QuiltShopGal said...

Oh my, absolutely gorgeous. Stunning.

Have you ever tried wash away threads for basting? For me, they work quite well. Some brands wash away easier than others (e.g. spritz vs wash), but they all come out easier than thread in the top/bottom and trying to reverse stitch a basting stitch.


Patti said...

Joan, your designing talent always inspires me! I'm sorry for the hospital visit, hope it's getting better.

Leeanne said...

Oh I hope you are on the mend. Gosh a lovely piece, great idea turning it into a cushion.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pillow Joan! I haven't even started my pillow for this month yet!

I like to use a water-soluble thread for work like this...it is easier for me.

leanne said...

that is just awesome quilting !

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful work, as always Joan. I do hope you get everything all sorted out and the hospital visits can come too an end

Patsy said...

WOW!! Your pillow is absolutely beautiful! Way to go!

Jackie said...

OMG your quilting is absolutely gorgeous and your design is beautiful. I originally thought you had embroidered one of Patsy Thompson's designs. I just ordered Cindy's templates as well but don't believe I'll even compare.
Glad to hear your back home.

Ray and Jeanne said...

This is gorgeous. You created a beautiful pillow! ~Jeanne

Raewyn said...

Brilliant Joan - great to see what you are doing with Ella :-) Seems to me you are loving her!

Fiona said...

wonderful work Joan.....

Karin said...

That is beautiful, Joan. Love the hyperquilting and what you done design-wise. Just gorgeous.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gorgeous quilting Joan!!!! Love your detail work.

Ivory Spring said...


Your quilting/pillow is absolutely gorgeous!

Take care of yourself. I am sorr to hear that you've been at the hospital.


Sandra said...

Such beautiful work! I love the thread choice.

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Just Lovely Joan! Your work is always beautiful and inspirational :)

Ewa said...

This is a beautiful pillow :-)

Ewa said...

This is a beautiful pillow :-)