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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

On the Frame!

I am trying.. and watching a heap of videos.... 
all hours of the night...when I can't sleep  

Taken from the back of the frame... side bit on the right is my test bit to check my stitching..
Had to put darker thread on as I couldnt see what I was sewing properly...very difficult when one is sitting sideways at the machine on a kitchen stool... or standing and trying to be about 8" shorter..

Up close - warts and all ....Ewwww

Back to my DWR I think... seems easier than this!


Diane said...

Do not be discouraged, your feathers and fill look dang good for starting with a new set up. I'm confident you will improve very quickly once you get the frame at the correct height for you and you can concentrate on the quilting not the mechanics of machine and frame etc.
You go girl!!! :)

Susan Lawson said...
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Susan Lawson said...

Looking good! Remember we all start somewhere, none of us just "know" how to quilt, it is accomplished with lots of practice! :) sue

Raewyn said...

PPP...practise practise practise!! You'll get there, it won't be long and you will be wondering what all the fuss was about :-) xox

2ne said...

Great - practise makes it great to end - lots of inspiration here - thanks :-)

Julia said...

Keeping at it Joan. I hate to practice, but they says it's the only way to get the flow going just right.
I've seen your FMQ at the WAQA quilt show, you will have it as you want it in no time.
Julia ♥

Leeanne said...

Yup it's those three "P's"........you will get there, I guess you have a positive, you have something to do when you can't sleep!