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Sunday, April 06, 2014

DWR., Design Wall,

Began my DWR ... again

THis time using my Go Cutter...which I love!

I put this up on my design wall to see how it was looking..

 Didnt really like all the bits that were not really blue...
So I unpicked them ..see below

what a mess I made...
Then put them up on the board again - before I did any more...

Now I am not sure if I should have just left them in and if I should do them again.

at least I now have worked our how to get most of it together... with huge thanks to Joanne,  from Manitoba in Canada,  tutorial found HERE which was SUCH a help for me...
thank you Joanne :)

Now if anyone has any suggestions as to...
should I keep just the blue - 
or should I go back to how I started... ??
I have certainly got lots of spare pieces 
I am weary of thinking about it at presentso will go sit and watch some TV - for a change ..


Grit said...

Looks wonderful. I love the color and the fabrics.
Greetings Grit from Germany

Raewyn said...

I actually like both of them Joan and I think it is up to you to decide what look you want to achieve!! What colour are you doing for the melons/footballs etc?

Leeanne said...

They are both nice, but the second for me is best.
I was reading someone elses blog yesterday, that is making this quilt too, quilt as you go method, is that how you will put this together?

Leeanne said...

P.S it was Julia at'Julia's Place'.

Julia said...

Hi Joan,
I see yours is blue too..
Isn't it hard to get the colours just right.
I have a bit more white in mine, perhaps too much. I was trying to have it more symmetrical and not too scrappy...
I like the last photo of yours the best, what background colour are you doing Joan.