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Friday, April 25, 2014

Just off the Frame,

Completed this yesterday actually!
I felt a bit more comfortable with this ...when I got to the end of it!

The first 3 top blocks...that you cant see.. I did a different filler design before I settled with the McTavishing within the circle. 

I found it ery difficult to do the side borders as it was worked.. 'backwards ' for me... and I couldn't remember what I had done at the top ...need to make notes as I go I think.

The small swirls in the sashing were a little unsteady - that got easier toward the last bit too. 


When I unrolled the quilt - I had this tension issue to deal with - so I am frogging this...in the circles across the top blocks... 
I will have to resew these sections with the machine on the table now and get back to my frame later with another quilt..
I had such issues with the tension till I figured out how to get it right, bringing the machine to the end of the table, and fastening it with Velcro firmly to the frame so it wouldnt move when I did my test bits by moving my hands.  I have not been very successful using a small hand mirror  to see under the quilt as I sew.  

Still working that one out.

Will do some frogging over the weekend as I cant see it well enough at night.....
so Back to the DWR for a bit.


Susan Lawson said...

Your quilting is so pretty! Your quilt designs are perfect with the quilt. Suggestions: take pictures or draw out what you do in upper corners/borders. And as for tension, well I still have issues! I can be sewing and all is well and without warning develop eyelashes. I've learned to run my fingernail on the underside of the stitching frequently, if it feels "bumpy" I know I need to investigate.

Elaine said...

This is just beautiful! I could give the same suggestions as Susan. I have learned to take pictures. That is the best memory bank. Most of the time I detect tension problems on how the top looks or runs a little differently, but like you in the quilt I have on my frame I have a section of tension problems that I will have to deal with. :(

Diane said...

Looks great!! you are progressing so fast! ---I'm sure not fast enough for you tho! If I may add my opinions (wish I'd had people do so for me more when I started)
Definitely take a picture of the top before you roll (it's the only way to remember I think). I also have a small dry erase board that I will just do a quick over all sketch of what is getting quilted and where with directional arrows if I want say a swirl border to swirl all the same way. It's so easy to forget when you have a few different designs going on.
I'm pretty sure you will soon figure out the tension; issues still happens to all of us, it's just the way it is.
Good advise above to get into the habit of checking the underside with your finger (you'll learn what "good" feels like and "uh-oh" feels like quickly), do this after only quilting a small area-maybe a couple inches, enough so the machine is not in the way and then if all is good continue on. I know that's not what you want to do (stop and check) when you get into a good rhythm but it's easier to stop and check early and fix an issue- nothing worse than quilting a huge amount and then seeing the blob of thread on the back when you roll it.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about practicing on the side first with your hands.
I'm also wondering if it's an accurate way to test for tension issues using your hands-I don't quilt that way but think maybe if you have good tension with your hands but are going slower/faster using the handles it could be a factor--just a thought.
I don't know how you load your top but I baste along the top edge of top/batt(wadding)/backing but I don't length the stitch as normal for 'basting'; I keep the same stitch length as I'm going to quilt with and right there can usually see how the the tension is going.

Jackie said...

Great suggestions above. Some people remove the quilt when the sides need quilting and turn the quilt to facilitate this. Considering the problems with tension it looks really great and I'd be happy with it even if it's got eyelashes lol.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO look at you GO girl...

Raewyn said...

It goes to show - practise sure does help - well done - this looks really pretty :-)

Patti said...

Joan, I love this! Sorry about the tension.

Leeanne said...

Beautiful quilt Joan! Great going.