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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tablet design with Carla Barrett February 2013

Tablet design with Carla Barrett February 2013

Yes!  I am again doing this class - I enjoyed it so much and I need to learn it again.

 This was with Carla's instructions and is done in sections.  
I have drawn them in Photoshop Elements 10...

I just love Carl's classes - she is a great teacher and such a lovely person too.
It takes me ages... I think this has taken me a couple of days.  It still need some cleaning up, but so far it will do as my hand gets a bit of an ache.  I can see lots of spots that will annoy me.

I am also putting together another quilt... cant show you that yet as I am just wanting to piece it all.


SeeingStars said...

Your tablet design looks very pretty. I especially like those feathers tucked into the triangles. I've considered taking her online classes but have resisted since I'd have to purchase the tablet and software to play with it.

Janet said...

How fun, I wouldn't know anything about photoshop but you obviously are very comfortable with it.

natalia said...

Lovely pic, Jane! I wish you big succes in quilting!

Jacquelin said...

Fantástico diseño, que infinidad de posibilidades de hacer edredones.

Martha said...

Hi Joan!!! The classs looks fun and I wish I had a tablet so that I could take it!! May I ask what tablet you have? Perhaps someday in the future I will get one as I would love to play!!!

Raewyn said...

This is beautiful Joan... you must be feeling inspired to do another quilt!!