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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Piecing and Applique

Some more things I have actually got done today!! 
Nothing seems to match up as it should!on this block below.

This was meant to be Northumberland Star...I think I have a problem with actually SEEING the patterns.  I put the flying geese on the right way at first - thought they were incorrect and frogged them - did them again ...wrong sides to wrong sides...more frogging!
Eventually I ended up with this block - and I am afraid it will have to do.
Piecing is a problem for me...unless it is explained meticulously.
Unfortunately Andrea was missing.

This one is from the Hop to it block challenge - and as usuall I am WAY behind in this one!
SO I actually now have it sewn together - not just glued.  I took me quite a bit of time, and I actaully manage to sew it on my Nessies (820 Bernina) I found it was so easy to work out the tensiono for this.
I have three more of these to sew!

It is SO hot here again.  The cyclone Narelle is slowly coming down the coast.  By the time it gets here - its will be a Low and we will just have a few storms... and lots of humidity.

May get some more things done later this evening...

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Sharon said...

I haven't visited your blog in a long while, and just went back and reviewed your 2012 FMQ posts, WOW and WOW. You have grown so much as an artist and an FMQ'er. Hats off to you, you are the poster girl for Practice, Practice, Practice. I'm thrilled for you!