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Monday, January 28, 2013

BOM 2013 -Pieces of time - A sampler quilt.by Lori Smith

It has been so hot here, so at times not much has been done.
I have now finished  6 blocks( ahead of the others sharing the BOM, as I am not sure if other things will stop me, and I don't want to lag behind )

  Appliqué block 1
Also - all my blocks will be 'Amish' I think, as they are all a bit incorrect :(
This one I did the wrong way around ... 
I always try to admit to my mistakes, cause they REALLY annoy me. But I have been too lazy to correct them...  
 Appliqué block 2
I found this one a bit difficult...need to perfect my style.

This is pieced block 1

In the pieced blocks I now need to get done 3 and 3... so thats next I think.

I have also made a movie to see if I can show you have I did the appliqué
This is the block I was sewing

Yes it also is "Amish" as I lost one of the petals of the flower..and added another circle!
So - nothing is perfect :)

I have uses a needle size 80, Sulky mono filament in the top, and 50 Aurifil in the bobbin.  
I started using my 820 Bernina- the thread kept breaking - so I changed thread to Superior thread monopoly..
It still kept breaking.
I then changed to my 440 Bernina machine, and had more success on that...I also put a new need in...and it worked fine..

This is the setting on my 440 QE Bernina I used..

I have been a follower of Sharon Schamber for some years now, and always go back to her videos to check how to do various methods.
I did that this time too.  So the way I have tried to do this, is to use Sharon Chambers video for guidance.

Pieced Block 3
 I made this block while I tried to work out the movie...takes me quite some time.
So now I need to do Pieced block2.

I am also sewing another Hop to It Block and some Grannies hankies ones too.
I had these blocks all sewn together, and I need to finish them and start the ones I missed...
Plus too many other UFO's!!

Ooops - nearly forgot Andrea on Australia day.
My elder DD has her Birthday on Australia day too - so its doubly special 


Lynette said...

This is going to be so pretty! Love the batiks

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Joan, thank you for the video and I love the fabric choices for your blocks. They are beautiful! I love Lori Smith and did her "Folk Art Melody" wool quilt last year by hand. It was alot of fun.

Thanks again,

Quilting Babcia said...

Joan, your quilt colors are beautiful, as is your applique. I've just begun to learn machine applique this month. It looks like you have turned under the edges before stitching down? My first piece is just fused and then stitched, not sure I would like that method on a quilt that would be washed a lot.

Liz said...

Great little video Joan - how did you set things up? Curious as there is no camera shake at all. And Andrea looks like she's about to do a little twirl and become Superwoman :-)

KeyQuilter said...

Quilters don't make "mistakes"! We make changes in the DESIGN ELEMENTS! LOL Your blocks are lovely! I had to study the flower block to find out which one was missing a petal!
Have a great day!

Ivory Spring said...

I love all your work. I have been thinking to do a Lori Smith quilt myself!!!! I think seeing your block "talked" me into it!!

natalia said...

I liked your movie ....beautiful!

Kim S said...

I love your applique blocks.... :-)

Raewyn said...

Well done!! I haven't had a chance to attempt the appliqué blocks yet - hopefully by the end of Feb I will have them done!!

Karen said...

Your applique blocks are very well done. And good fabric choices. I am a big fan of Lori's designs.