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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Threadhead Quilt Along

Frogging !!

Well, only I could do this!!

I had 2 of the alternating blocks on my THQA  quilt turned the wrong way.
Thankfully they were close to the same edge - not in the centre
I was NOT a happy chappie!!
All sorted now, and one the matching alternating block border is done - I need to thnk about the others...maybe a 1" then some scrap squares and then the binding.... will take a while.


Desley said...

Must be a day of unpicking. I am half way though unpicking a big feather because I decided I didn't like it. Right now I am procrastinating, playing on the computer.....

Unknown said...

Be thankful that you found it out now and could do something about it, otherwise it would have bugged you forever

Diane said...

I agree, good thing you caught it now. I had a quilt a few years back that I had turned one block and didn't catch it until putting on the binding! it really wasn't that noticable (probably why I misses it EXCEPT to me) my eye went to it every time I looked at the dang thing. I gifted it but as you can see by this long comment; it still BUGS me! :)

Crispy said...

ACK I hate when that happens!! Oh well, at least you have it all sorted out now LOL.


Linda said...

I hate to admit but I am all too familiar with frogging! Lol! At least you caught it now! Nonetheless, still a big pain though!

Anonymous said...

Usually I find the mistake while applying the binding! LOL

Mary L. said...

Wrong..it's not just you. I did the same thing on one side...not just one block..the whole side!

Joanne said...

Too bad about the unpicking.
It is nice to see a close-up of the alternating square - nice fabric.♥

Julia said...

So easy to do Joan..
Good thing you saw it now..It would have bugged you forever otherwise..
Looking great !

Deanna said...

Oh, that glimpse of purple is tantalizing. I can't wait to see yours finished!